Special 3-Part Report:
Arsenic in Rice



How does a toxic metal get in our food supply and why is it a special concern for those on a gluten-free or rice-based diet, and for pregnant woman, babies and children? Amy Burkhart, MD, RD, provides facts and tips, and Jennifer Iscol and Vic Dolcourt describe why consumer advocates are calling for federal regulation. We get you up to date on this urgent topic and provide the results of a survey of gluten-free manufacturers.  Read more

Ivy’s Garden: Gluten-Free
Chinese Frozen Entrees

LemonChicken&RiceBy Vic Dolcourt  
Of all of the world’s great cuisines, Chinese has been one of the more difficult for the gluten-free consumer to find, both in restaurants (due to the ubiquity of wheat-based soy sauce and noodles) and at the supermarket. San Jose couple, Ivy Lau and Mark Ivey, the owners of Ivy’s Garden Foods, have brought three authentic Chinese chicken entrees as close as the freezer section of your neighborhood Northern California supermarket.    Read more


Stanford seeks volunteers
for celiac genetic study


StanfordCampusFamilies with celiac disease are needed for a genetic study at Stanford University. Our community’s participation is an essential part of this exciting research. Participants from out of state are welcome. See if your family is eligible to volunteer. More information and contact:  Stanford study




Gluten-Free Canteen:
Springtime Baking

Raspberry Vanilla CheesecakeBy Lisa Stander-Horel and Tim Horel 
 Spring holidays, like Easter and Passover call for festive desserts that feature ingredients like fresh berries. We’ve got you covered with that plus plenty of other treats. Delicious recipes included in this article:  Raspberry Cheesecake Pie, Triple Coconut Haystack Macaroons, Chocolate Coconut Cake Bar Bites and Thin Minty Mints.  Read more