The Celiac MD™

The Microbiome and Celiac Disease:
A Bacterial Connection

By Amy Burkhart, MD, RD
The gluten-free diet may not be all that is needed to treat celiac disease. In this month’s column, Dr. Burkhart highlights a new Finnish study that found less bacterial diversity and an imbalance in certain types of bacteria in the microbiome of celiac patients with persistent symptoms. She reviews a number of exciting studies on the microbiome and offers six tips on how to optimize your own microbiome. Read more

Pushkin’s Bakery: Dudes,
Awesomes, and Barracudas


Pushins-cropBy Vic Dolcourt   At Pushkin’s Bakery in Sacramento’s trendy Midtown, you can find Dudes (chocolate ganache glazed peanut butter cookies), Awesomes (lemon-poppy seed pound cakes), Barracudas (cupcakes named for a 70’s song), No Names (kind of like a cinnamon roll center), music from a faux gramophone, treats with more descriptive names, and made-to-order vegan sandwiches.   Read more


Yummy Supper: Fish tacos
topped with
pomegranate salsa

erinscott_yummysupper_fishtacos-3420By Erin Scott  In contrast to classic heavy holiday fare, these Fish Tacos with Pomegranate Salsa make a refreshingly easy and unexpectedly festive meal. Pomegranates are plentiful at the market these days and the jewel-toned arils are heavenly in a tangy salsa. These tacos are easy enough for make for a quick weeknight dinner or you could whip up a big batch to feed a crowd for a holiday get-together. That’s the kind of delicious flexibility we all need this time of year. Read more




Gluten Free Canteen:
Winter Baking

GFC_RockyRoadCupcakeBites_22Nov2014_sq150By Lisa Stander-Horel and Tim Horel – When December rolls around we get busy in the Canteen kitchen baking our favorite goodies like festive cookies, ginger everything, a little eggnog, and all things topped with an extra helping of chocolate. These days baking gluten-free can be easy and fun. Recipes: Triple Ginger Cupcakes, Easy Holiday Ginger Snaps, Chocolate Cherry Hazelnut Bark, Rocky Road Cupcake Bites, Two Bite Spinach Quiche  Read more