A New Home Test to
Monitor Gluten Exposure

Dr. Amy Burkhart

Amy Burkhart, MD, RD

July/August 2015 – I am just back from the International Celiac Disease Symposium in Prague, a biennial meeting where experts from around the world present cutting edge research on celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. From a clinical perspective, one of the most exciting things I learned about during the conference was a new test under development, based on recent research, that will measure gluten peptides (pieces of gluten) in urine. The test can be performed at home and requires no physician order.   Read more

Ridiculously Good Cookies:
Lilajay’s Bakes O’Reallyz
and More

lilajay-2-oreallyzBy Vic Dolcourt
   Lila Akhzar Latture of Lilajay’s cookies not only has a local following near her Cotati home in Sonoma County, California, but a large following on the East Coast. I interviewed Lila in June after spotting a reference to her cookies on a New York website and being surprised that a local gluten-free baker unfamiliar to me was being lauded 3,000 miles away.  Read more

Teens and young adults:
Stanford Celiac Research

Stanford-teen-researchStanford University is recruiting 12-24 year-olds to participate in a new study on how interactive text message reminders can impact teens and young adults with celiac disease. Thanks to Stanford doctors for their ongoing celiac disease studies!  Learn more and volunteer

The Family Chef:
Salads and Marinades

maple soy salmonBy Amy Fothergill 
 When it comes to summer for those on a gluten-free diet, parties and barbecues can be daunting. Your best bet is to talk to your host in advance and explain your food requirements. Offer to bring a salad or side dish and maybe your own meat. If you are hosting your own party, you can use these ideas as well. Read more