The Celiac MD:
7 Types of Gluten-Free Dieters

Dr. Amy Burkhart

Amy Burkhart, MD, RD

By Amy Burkhart, MD, RD   A quick guide for anyone trying to understand the differences among gluten-free dieters – for food service and health care workers, and family and friends of anyone on a gluten-free diet. Why do people follow a gluten free diet? Chefs and restaurant employees are baffled and irritated when they meticulously accommodate a gluten-free dining request, only to see the same person diving into the bread basket while awaiting their meal.  Read more

FDA (Finally) Proposes Limits
on Arsenic in Rice Cereal

baby eating riceFor the first time, the FDA is proposing a limit on arsenic in food, specifically infant rice cereal. This is excellent news, but needs to be followed by arsenic limits in other foods to protect adults and children on a gluten-free, rice-based diet. A recent study found that infants who ate rice cereal had over three times the arsenic level of infants who ate no rice products. Our three-part series on Arsenic in Rice offer facts, tips and safe brands for the gluten-free community.

S.F. Bay Area Welcomes Globetrotting
Gluten-Free Advocate

erinsmithBy Vic Dolcourt – Goodbye, New York City – Hello, Santa Cruz. The Bay Area gluten-free community is pleased to be the landing spot for celiac advocate Erin Smith, who moved here from New York in January. Erin’s name, vitality, community energy and extensive website resources may be familiar to members of our community who are active in national and regional gluten-free events.  Read more


The Family Chef:
Gluten-Free Brunch Ideas

brunch-300x225By Amy Fothergill  Spring is the time for weekend daytime parties with Mother’s and Father’s day, graduations, bridal showers, and more. Brunch is often laden with gluten-filled items like quiche, muffins, breads, and waffles. Luckily, it’s easy to find tasty gluten-free equivalents and options. But you might just need some gluten-free brunch ideas. Read more & recipes