Celiac Disease, Gluten
and POTS: An Undiscovered

Dr. Amy Burkhart

Amy Burkhart, MD, RD

May 2015 – Dr. Burkhart’s column this month is on a lesser known condition that may have a connection to gluten-related disorders:
“I see people in my office daily with unusual symptoms. After a time, certain patterns emerge. Something I have seen repeatedly now, but with little data in the literature to support it is a connection between POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and celiac disease or other gluten-related disorders.”  Read more

Gluten-Free Vacation
in West Sonoma County

22499496_sBy Vic Dolcourt  Northern California has a range of vacation offerings, from the big city bustle of the Bay Area to the secluded north coast Pacific beaches. Happily, there is a middle ground between the mob scene of Highway 101 and the almost hermit-like qualities of Salt Point State Beach. This is western Sonoma County and the wonderful small towns, antique shops, family wineries, artisan food producers and the Pacific Coast west of Santa Rosa.  Read more

Stanford Launches Genetic
Study on Celiac Disease

StanfordCampusResearchers at Stanford University are conducting research to learn more about the genes associated with celiac disease. They are working to uncover more genes that create a disposition for celiac disease. The goal of the research is to learn more about this common disorder in order to advance treatment and prevention strategies, and to contribute to the understanding of related autoimmune conditions.  Read more

Gluten-Free Canteen:
Springtime Baking

Raspberry Vanilla CheesecakeBy Lisa Stander-Horel and Tim Horel 
 Spring holidays call for festive desserts that feature ingredients like fresh berries. We’ve got you covered with that plus plenty of other treats. Delicious recipes included in this article:  Raspberry Cheesecake Pie, Triple Coconut Haystack Macaroons, Chocolate Coconut Cake Bar Bites and Thin Minty Mints.  Read more