Fingernail changes in IBS,
gluten disorders and celiac disease

Dr. Amy Burkhart

Amy Burkhart, MD, RD

January 2016   Fingernails can be an expression of who you are – they may be adorned with jewels, be a helpful tool for day-to-day activities or provide a window to hidden stress. However, if you suffer from digestive issues such as celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), FODMAP intolerance or gluten sensitivity, they may also reveal more about your health than you realize. When you are experiencing digestive woes and looking for answers, the following five changes to your fingernails may provide clues to an underlying cause.  Read more

Gluten in Medication:
Pressing the FDA to Act Now

16880066_sBy Jennifer Iscol
– January 2016 – When our camp doctors at Camp Celiac in Livermore, CA, try to determine whether a medication a child needs is gluten-free, they are stymied by a lack of information. Federal regulation is insufficient. Examining labels and package inserts, searching the Internet and calling drug manufacturers may or may not produce an answer. Doctors, pharmacists and patients across the country experience the same challenges. Public frustration with the FDA’s inaction on this issue is rising.
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Have some Cake Therapy!

Cake Therapy choc cakeBy Vic Dolcourt – “I didn’t originally plan to go into business selling Paleo baking mixes. It just happened. Circumstances conspired, and I’m glad they did,” said Monica Espinoza, the talent behind Cake Therapy, and also a full-time community college counselor in San Jose. “It all started with my mom.” Read more


Yummy Supper:
Almond Blood Orange Cake

erinscott_yummysupper_bloodorange_cardamom_almondcake_gluten-free-8166By Erin Scott – A rich, moist almond cake with a hint of cardamom and blood orange zest, with a simple side of blood orange slices… yep I gotta say, this cake is really working for me. I’m a total sucker for almond flour, my favorite ingredient in GF baking.   Read more