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Update on Restaurants and Gluten-Free Dining

By Amy Burkhart, MD, RD
As I was driving down Highway 5 in California with my family this past week, I couldn’t help but think about “food plans” for the trip. As anyone with dietary restrictions knows, traveling requires planning, planning and more planning. No longer can you hop in the car and easily “pick up something on the road.”  The stops are planned around the restaurant options and pockets are packed with protein bars just in case. Food becomes central to the planning process because the last thing anyone wants to do is spend their vacation sick or hungry.  Read more

6SensorLabs: Developing
a Fast Gluten Sensor


Shireen Taleghani Yates

By Jennifer Iscol –  It would have been impossible to do her job without dining out frequently, so for the five years she worked in marketing at Google, Shireen Taleghani Yates developed the ability to function with a certain level of stomach pain. At home, Ms. Yates was in control of her diet and health, but eating out made her vulnerable to cross contamination. Dining out safely is one of the most intractable challenges of living with a medically prescribed gluten-free diet.
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Gluten Free Klippy’s:
Rich and Delicious

IMG_3096Vic Dolcourt 
interviewed pastry chef Laura Klipp about how she turned her background in neuroscience and professional baking into an entrepreneurial venture. She founded Gluten Free Klippy’s after discovering that the wheat flour she loved to bake with did not love her back, and she has been expanding distribution in the Bay Area. “I want to share my very French mentality of a dessert – a small portion of something rich, indulgent and very satisfying.”  Read more